Monday, August 24, 2009

A sort of bed rest

I didn't want to worry anyone since I am feeling fine, but the midwives have put me on what they call modified bed rest. Apparently my body got a little confused and was already preparing for labor even though I am only 32 weeks and 3 days. They need me to be at least 36 weeks to give birth at the birth center and for the baby to be fully developed.

All it means is that for every 2 hours I am "up" I have to lie down 2 hours following. So right now I am still working every 2 hours from home when I can. I am going to keep this up as much as possible so I don't use up my maternity leave from work before the baby comes!

We do have another sonogram scheduled for Thursday at 1:30 at the doctor's office (this is the doctor my midwives work with). They are also going to check something else at that time, to see if my body is still trying to progress.

If I can make it to week 36 we can still give birth at the birth center! If not, they might make me go to the hospital with the doctor they work with, whom I have never met. So we would love your prayers that we make it to 36 weeks and that I don't go crazy in the next 4 weeks!

I am feeling fine so far, and the symptoms have stopped so that is encouraging.


chirky said...

OMG! Jenny! What is your body doing? What kind of symptoms are you having? NEED MORE INFO.

Also, I'm glad you're having another sonogram. Not only because you get to see your sweet baby, but because it will help you guys understand what's going on inside of you! Plus, it gives you the opportunity to meet the Dr., in case you end up needing to go to the hospital.

Sandra B said...

Oh Jenny! Praying for you now... Please keep us posted! Would you like visitors? Zane and I could swing by and bring you food...

What is it about family calamities that make people want to bring food? Ha.

Heather said...

We will definitely keep you in our prayers! I hope you get a good report tomorrow!!