Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Well it turns out that I have come carpal tunnel syndrome, from postpartum water retention! Whee!!

I thought it was weird that I had a tingling and numbness in my hands ever since Little Sir was born. This week my left hand had it constantly for 4 days straight, so I called the birth center and they told me that was what it was. Apparently the way you can tell is that your pinkie and half the finger next to it are never affected. Sure enough, when I paid attention, my pinkie was indeed fine!

Once again, I am strange because this usually only happens during pregnancy, not after. But for me, it is after. Good times!

I am going to try to go and get a wrist brace today, apparently that might help somewhat...


Brandi Tooker said...

Oh no! That's what I have! The brace helped a little but I ended up getting injections. Mine is better but still numb.

Michelle Miller said...

I had carpal tunnel in both hands during my last trimester and for a few months after delivery. I did wear a brace at night and it helped a little. It is finally gone now that all my swelling/water retention is gone. It is very annoying and painful at times so I hope it goes away soon for you!