Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last week home

Wow, today Little Sir is 8 weeks old! In some ways the time has really flown by, and in others the days are sometimes really long. But either way, I just realized that this is my last full week at home with him before I go back to work. Next week is truly the last week, since I will be working December 29 and 30 for the first time, but since next week is also Christmas, it won't be a full week alone at home with him.

We interviewed a really excellent nanny on Monday night here in our home, and have told her we would like to hire her and she has accepted. However, we still haven't heard from my work what my actual schedule will be, so the matter of payment is still up in the air (being dependent on the number of hours). I would pretty much do anything to be able to afford her, because I feel very comfortable with her and she is very experienced and professional, having nannied for several different families in long-term situations in the past.

For the first 3 weeks back, I'll be working only Tuesday and Wednesday during the day, which will hopefully provide a good transition period for myself and the nanny and Little Sir. Then it will be back to 40-hour weeks. I am thankful that I can work from home most of the time, so I'll only be a room or so away at any time they might need me (although I don't expect that they ever will!). The nature of my work is such that I can't leave my computer for any length of time while I am on the clock, which is why I have to have someone to watch Little Sir while I am working. I would go into why that is, but it gets into what I do at work, and I don't really want to talk about that on this blog.

So, here's to the last week! Hope it is a really fun one!

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