Sunday, January 24, 2010


We are still here, we are all still alive - thank you for the prayers and concern after the last post!

As far as nursing, we are adding formula in the evenings and I am trying to keep up with pumping but I am producing less and less, even while taking fenugreek and Mother's Milk tea. The hospital grade pump is nice but it can't make something from nothing!

Little Sir is now wanting to eat every 2 hours sometimes, the amount of food he is wanting to eat is INSANE. Something like 5 oz each time and he would eat more if I had more to give him. And before bed he needs something like 8 oz. Even then, he still wakes up once a night wanting an additional feeding (which is just fine with me - once is better than every 2 hours!).

On Saturday he pulled an insane trick of staying up without napping for 12 hours straight. He was in good spirits except for the occasional outburst of overtiredness, and the crying when we tried to make him nap. He tried to repeat this no-sleeping performance today but has accidentally fallen asleep 3 times, once after we walked him around the mall purposefully to exhaust him. Another time he fell asleep right before we were going to attend evening church. We were so excited that he was actually sleeping that we missed church.

On the developmental end, he's rolled over a few more times on purpose, although he still forgets how he did it. He is gaining quite a bit of trunk strength, as you can see from this picture - we are helping him practice by sitting him in the Bumbo. His favorite toy to play with while in the Bumbo is a burp cloth. All the money we spend on educational and healthy toys and he loves playing with a burp cloth!

Speaking of toys, he can now hold them and put them directly into his mouth, which he greatly enjoys. He can hold things that make crinkly noises and smash them against his face, also very cute!

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