Monday, May 3, 2010

Arkansas trip

I've finally uploaded a bunch of pictures from our trip to Arkansas last weekend, so check them out here. I will put a few in this post but there are so many I can't put them all, so make sure to visit Flickr to see all of them.

We drove to Arkansas from Dallas, the trip there was a little under 9 hours. On the way back we went from Arkansas to Kilgore, the trip was around 7 hours. In Kilgore we stayed overnight and got to see cousin Natali and celebrate her birthday with her (we missed the party which was going on while we were in Akransas). Then 2 hours back to Dallas the next day.

Overall, Little Sir did better than we expected. On the way there he slept a good deal, and that helped. There were no real meltdowns on the way there. By the time we were coming back after 2-3 days of meeting new people and pretty much never napping, it was a little rougher - 2 meltdowns were avoided by Baby Einstein DVD's and stopping at the Cracker Barrel. He slept the entire way home from Kilgore to Dallas!

So many people he got to meet, and he continues to be a very social baby. He just can't nap when there are new people to meet and he loves to stare at everyone very intently and eventually smile and touch their face.

Here are a few of my favorite shots of family he met for the first time.
Aunt Pam
Aunt Pam
Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim
Uncle Terry & Aunt Shari (it's only the back of his head because Uncle Terry is holding Cousin Mazzie)
Uncle Terry & Aunt Shari
Grandmother Bradford (with Cousin Mazzie)
Grandmother Bradford
This weekend was full of fancy new "big boy" outfits that we got to wear for the first time!
First blue jeans with converse tennis shoes (Aggie color shirt)
First blue jeans
Complete big-boy church clothes from our friends Trent & Virginia Libby
Dressed up
We got some good shots of the two cousins in a field of flowers also. In the second shot, Christian said that Little Sir looks like he is smoking a fine cigar and asking for some brandy...
In the flowers
I'll have a brandy with my cigar
We also got to try out a few high chairs for the first time on this trip and Little Sir really enjoyed sitting in them. Here is one at the family reunion, where he is chasing some grapes around the tray. I am not really sure that he ever got any in his mouth. It was really more to give him something to play with...
Grapes in a high chair
And here is the wonderful Cracker Barrel high chair which saved us from a meltdown.
Cracker Barrel
After these fun experiences with high chairs, I think we will be buying our own very soon!

The last stop of the trip was to see cousin Natali, here is a picture of them playing together where he looks like such a big boy!
Cousin Natali & Asher play trains
And here the illusion is shattered as he falls over and plays with his feet...
Fallin' over
Cousin Natali enjoying her birthday ice cream sandwich! What a big girl - 3 years old!
Ice cream sandwich
Everyone enjoying their ice cream together.
Ice cream for everyone
I have no idea why it looks like I have a mustache in that picture. Please ignore that.

So we've been back a week and I think we've pretty much recovered!


Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

Look's like he had a great trip.

Stephanie said...

Hey Jenny-
We got our highchair at babies r us. Not sure what kind you are looking for but depending on room and all, we just go one that hooks onto the chair, and it is for babies, not the booster seat kind. Fisher Price puts it out. I just now bought the booster seat/highchair one because it is easier to take to his moms or friends house when they aren't baby equipped.