Monday, November 29, 2010


Technically, this was Little Sir's second Thanksgiving, but I doubt he remembers much about the first. Here he was last year with cousin Mazzie:
This year, I actually didn't get many photos of him on Thanksgiving Day, since he was in motion so much of the time (Mommy FAIL). He had a lot of fun at GrammE and GrampE's house playing the piano again.
Playing the piano
They also have fish on top of the piano now, which were very interesting.
Looking at fishes
I did get a shot of the entire Thanksgiving family group
Thanksgiving family
If you are interested in a video, here is one of us as we began a few pre-meal hymns in lieu of a traditional prayer. You can see Little Sir happily playing in the corner with his cousin Natali. They had so much fun! I should have taken more pictures of them together. [video here - I suggest you view the video inside the blog post and not on YouTube, as YouTube adds questionable content after the video plays]

And after the meal, Daddy and Little Sir relax in front of the football game.
Post-Thanksgiving football dudes 
We are so thankful for all our blessings - for the health of our family and for each of you!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catching up: Last weekend

I know everyone wants to see Thanksgiving pictures, but I was waaaay behind in posting, even before Thanksgiving. So we'll start with pre-Thanksgiving events. Keep checking back every day!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, my BFF Millie and her husband Danny came through town on their way to see family and spent the afternoon with us and Little Sir.  We went to the amazing Twisted Root Burger and then to Mimosa Park to play and get Little Sir all tired out so he would take a good nap so Millie and I could go shopping!
Twisted Root
Twisted Root
Park swing with Daddy!
Park with Daddy
At the top of the slide aparatus
Giant puzzle at the park
Looking up the slide
Up the slide The slide is impressive
A super close face shot - in this picture you can see Little Sir's third tooth coming through! Yes, it is true, he is 13 months old and still only has 3 teeth. I have no idea why. He does seem to eat most food by just gumming it, though, so I guess it's OK? It's not like we can MAKE them grow...
3 teeth!

Friday, November 19, 2010


So what's up lately?

Baby #2 is really a kicker. Possibly moreso than Little Sir was. This child does NOT let up. Little Sir had his regular periods of activity during the day when he was in utero. Baby #2 is active ALL THE TIME. Last night we were up from 4AM to 5AM with a teething Little Sir and I guess the activity woke up the baby in the tummy and he/she commenced to have a party or practice Kung Fu for about 20 minutes.

Little Sir appears to be going through another round of teething or something. Since he is nearly 13 months old, it does seem like he should have more than the 2 teeth he currently has. He is back to refusing naps and waking up all night long. We are on Day 3 of being up all night. This time he is wearing an amber anklet which is supposed to help with the pain. I haven't seen too much of a difference yet.

Little Sir will still not eat any kind of meat, meat alternative, or beans. He ate a hot dog once, on his birthday. But I have tried all kinds of meats and meat substitutes since then with no luck, and he has refused hot dogs ever since. Chicken, turkey, more hot dogs, apple turkey sausage, bacon, lunch meat, and this week - tofurkey. He actually ate some tofurkey when we were eating it a the table for dinner, but when I tried heating it up and giving it to him again later, he spat it out.

He is walking around like a real little man. We went to the doctor today for a booster shot that didn't happen, and I let him walk next to me while I held his hand. I was very excited about this because I didn't have to carry him. He is getting SO HEAVY!

We actually did a little bit of preparation for Baby #2 last weekend when we bought a bureau-type thing to keep clothing in. Once we assemble it (Ikea), I will be able to get out the infant clothes. We also bought another package of more BumGenius diapers. I think this, along with the small fitted diapers we still have from when Little Sir was little, will expand our stash enough for the 2 babies, at least for a while. Unfortunately, that is probably about all we have done right now. I'll be on the lookout for a bassinet on Craigslist soon.

And now, I know everyone just reads for the pictures, so here are some shots of Little Sir with his first set of crayons, which I bought for him last week:
First box of crayons

Organizing crayons

Coloring with crayons

If you were kind enough to buy Little Sir a gift, he has written you a thank you note and is currently coloring his signature on each card. You should be receiving it soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Arboretum in the fall

On Sunday we had our photo shoot for Little Sir's 1 year pictures at the Dallas Arboretum with Joy from Joy Neville Photography. We can't wait to see the pictures in about 2 weeks! They should be ready in time for Christmas cards and Christmas gifts.

Of course, we don't have the portraits yet, but we did follow Little Sir around the Arboretum and take some pictures as he had fun that day. He just ran, ran, ran all around!

They had a wonderful Hay Maze which he very much enjoyed:
Hay Maze

Hay Maze

Hay Maze

Which way to go?
Hay Maze

He also enjoyed playing in the leaves with some crayons he found on the ground. He was very good and did not eat them, for the most part...
Fall leaves

Fall leaves
I love this stance he takes when he is trying to figure something out. His cousin, Natali, did the exact same thing!
Fall leaves
Happy Fall to us!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby #2: Belly Shot 23-24 Weeks

Baby #2, 23/24 Weeks
Originally uploaded by ynnejdrofdarb

Here it is, as several folks have requested it - belly shot at 23-24 weeks!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

I was finally able to post the pictures of Halloween 2010 to my Flickr photostream, with excerpts below!
Just a reminder, I do try to post highlights of the best photos we take here on this blog, but there are always more photos in my Flickr photostream than I can post to the blog. All you have to do is bookmark my Flickr photostream and you can check in anytime. Likewise, you can follow jenny.bradford on Google Buzz and it will import my Flickr photostream to your Buzz stream (this will usually show up in your Gmail, if you use Gmail).

For Little Sir's first Halloween, we went trick-or-treating with a group of friends who live nearby. It was our first Halloween in Richardson, and wow, there are a TON of kids in this 'burb! All the yards were decorated and people were out in their yards with candy. The kids had a lot of fun and we got to see a lot of neat costumes!

Our friends
Group of trick or treaters
Little Sir and Cinderella
Tiger and Cinderella
Going up to doorways en masse
trick or treating
Walking up to a house with Daddy
Tiger on the sidewalk
Getting tired and riding on Daddy's head (he was in the stroller the rest of the time but his tummy padding was so fat I think it was uncomfortable in the stroller sometimes).
tiger hat
Happy baby with mommy!
happy tiger!
If you are wondering what happened to all the candy he got... we are eating it. He showed interest in a few pieces, but only as toys. He does not recognize it as food. We also tried feeding him cheese pizza, but he did not recognize that as food either. Cheese pizza??!! I will have to eat it for him in the future. I am craving cheese pizza like crazy lately.

Happy Halloween!
Tiger side shot #2