Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Part 2: Family

For Easter, we took a quick trip to East Texas to celebrate. It was also cousin Natali's birthday party!
We left on Saturday around noon and were back on Sunday by a little after noon. This was actually much shorter than we intended (we meant to stay for lunch and head back in the afternoon), but Little Sir had a bad night of hardly any sleep after being way too excited to nap the previous day, and he was a complete mess by that time. Poor guy slept the whole way back.

Backtracking: first was cousin Natali's birthday party! So hard to believe she is 4 years old already!! It seems like it was not that long ago that Christian and I were newly married and headed out to a camping trip when we got the call that Christina was in labor. By the time we turned around and headed to East Texas, Natali was born!

For this party, Natali had an awesome bounce house!
Bounce House!
Little Sir was pretty scared of it, though. I think the unsteadiness of it was unsettling for him.
Too scared
Everyone ate cake! (I missed taking a picture of the candles because I was nursing Little Lady)
Natali's birthday guests
Little Sir tried out Natali's tricycle and enjoyed the horn the most.
Trying Natali's tricycle
There was a little girl there who LOVED babies and wanted to hold Little Lady constantly!
Holding baby
Little Lady is just as easygoing as Little Sir was at that age (and still is) - she's happy when anyone holds her, and doesn't mind who it is.

We spent some time with Gigi that evening and I got some good pictures of Gigi and Little Lady
Finn and Gigi
Also some really sweet pictures of Little Sir and MomMom
Play piano with MomMom
We stayed at Gigi's house that night and the next morning got up and gave Little Sir his (Elmo shaped) Easter basket.
Opening Easter basket

Opening Easter basket
In his basket: 3 books, a "spill proof" bubble wand set, crayons, and a coloring book with stickers. He also had a giant chocolate Easter bunny which he did not care at all about, so I am currently in the process of eating it for him. Because I am willing to sacrifice that way.

I didn't get Little Lady and Easter basket because a) she doesn't need anything, and b) she has no idea what is going on. I hope that does not make me a bad mommy. I didn't get anything for Little Sir his first Easter either, and he was 6 months old.

Then we got everyone all dressed and headed out to have Easter breakfast at GrammE and GrampE's church. I didn't get any pictures of that, but here is Little Lady in her Easter dress:
Finn's 1st Easter dress
Little Sir just wore the same thing he wore to the Easter egg hunt last week. Boys are soooo much easier to dress...
We did get this one picture of the 3 cousins in the church nursery:
3 cousins
We saw a window of time where we could get on the road and everyone would sleep so we took it, although I wish we could have stayed for the main service and lunch.

However, we are working our way toward attending church on Easter. If you recall, last year we did not make it to church at all. This year, we made it inside a church but not to the service.
Next year, we will attend a service on Easter! With both children!

I will leave you with two more random cute Easter pics
Happy bunny!

my little cutie!

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