Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baths, sitting up

I feel kind of bad that I haven't been keeping up with Little Lady's milestones like I did with Little Sir. We're still not sleeping much more around here, and we've been out of town the last 2 weeks off and on - one 8-hour car trip 2 weekends ago and one plane to San Diego and back for BlogHer this past weekend (just Little Lady and I, alone).

Little Lady was a big hit on the plane, the flight attendant loved her so much that she asked if she could hold LL as she greeted the passengers coming onto the plane for the second leg of the flight in San Antonio:
Finn the flight greeter
While we were at BlogHer, Little Lady got much better at sitting up, maybe from sitting in my lap during sessions? I don't know - but she is getting much more stable upright.

Because she is more stable, she's been able to sit in the bath (we are hold her her up - but, still!) with Big Brother.
Tandem bathing
She is also starting to crawl (I use that term loosely, but she can definitely move across a room!) over to Little Sir and take things away from him. Yesterday I gave him a mini-granola bar in its wrapper while they were sitting on the floor in the living room while I went and put some things from lunch into the sink, and when I got back she had taken the wrapper from him and was gumming it, while he just sat there and pointed at her like "Look! Look what she did! This is not my fault!".

My guess is that it won't be long until we see the "army crawl" from her, so I'll try to make sure to catch that on video!

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