Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Little Lady!

I know I'm posting these birthday wishes late, but I'm going to backdate the post so that it shows on the correct day for our 2012 blog book...

Wow, I can't believe our Little Lady is one year old! Time sure does fly, much moreso with her than it did with Little Sir.

birthday girl!

We had her birthday party a day before her "actual" birthday, because that was when all our family could make it into town.

The theme was hearts because she is our little sweetheart... and Valentine's stuff was totally on sale :-)
Aunt Meredith came and decorated our house for the party, because I am terrible at that sort of thing:


Heart window stickies

Buffet decorations & ceiling hangings

 Cupcakes (I made them)

The favors - heart plates and cups that we ate our lunch and cupcakes on (after I washed &' wrapped them):
 Party favors

I got lots of pictures of Little Lady eating cupcakes, but none of her opening gifts because I was helping her do it!

Yummy cupcake!

Birthday cupcake!

Birthday cupcake!

Birthday cupcake! 
And, of course, Big Brother got some too! He is obsessed with pumpkin bibs right and refuses to wear any other kind of bib...
BIg brother

We love you, Little Lady!! You are our little sweet sunshine and we are so happy that you are part of our family!

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